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Here are 10 benefits you can get from a web magazine

Nicola Massa

An online magazine is a powerful resource. Magazine Media Factbook 2016/2017 says that digital magazine readers are mostly “young, upscale, educated, and professional.” 

In a previous report, they also noted that 80% of people took some kind of action after opening an online magazine, whether it be visiting a homepage, social media site, or recommending the magazine to a friend.

With this in mind, here are 10 benefits that you can get from having a web magazine.

1. Customer Reach and Visits

The Internet is a vast and far-reaching tool. You can reach international customers easily with an online magazine. Even when readers are out of your geographical location, they can remain loyal to your messaging and receive your content.

When your content changes on a regular basis, you are giving customers a reason to revisit your page. An online magazine is also a significant, compelling reason to draw new traffic to your site.

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2. Interactive Content

Because your content is digital, you can make it interactive and embed videos, animation or high-quality photographs. It is also possible to add content that allows customers to buy from the pages of the online magazine directly.

Having interactive content opens the world of imagination as far as usability. No longer is it a static page. Communication is vastly different with interactive pages and can now include anything from explanatory videos to charts that expand when clicked upon to completely expound on a topic.

3. Revenue from Advertisements

You can feature interactive and relevant advertisements in your online magazine. Once your customer reach is far enough, this revenue stream may cover the costs of the publishing.

4. Affiliate Marketing

You can use your online magazine to boost your affiliate marketing by including links to the online stores that you have agreements with. These stores typically pay you a percentage every time that they make a sale based on a click through from your site. Your online magazine provides you with more exposure for affiliate marketing.

5. Further Content for Social Media

Discussing the content or teasing the topics of your online magazine for your subscribers to social media can result in more online readership to your magazine. It also gives you more topics and content to discuss on those outlets.

6. Ease of Interaction with Customer

You will be able to listen to your customers feedback in real-time as they discuss your online magazine. This will enable you to make changes in your product, magazine, and offerings. You will have a better understanding of your customers through the dialog that you can elicit from them based on the content you shared through the online magazine. Because it is online, most of the comments that will be made will also be online. Plus, you will get the analytics of how many people subscribed and visited the page.

7. Increased Sharing of Content

Digital magazines are SEO-friendly and thus, easily found on the web. This increases your presence on the Internet and allows people who are searching for content related to your message to find you.

Customers who already subscribe to your message can easily share your content because it is digital. New subscribers can arise from the shared content, which means even more readers.

8. Convenience

Online magazines are reliable, easy to read anywhere, and accessible on multiple devices, making them a convenient way to contact both customers and potential customers. Readers can access the content whenever they choose wherever they are.

Unlike traditional magazines, the length of time from their writing and publication is shorter so more relevant information can be shared.

9. Google Analytics Insights

Your online magazine can help you to learn what your reader’s tastes are, so you can adjust your webpage and social media strategy and offer them the products and services that are best suited for them.

10. Lower Cost than Print Magazine

The cost to produce a digital magazine is far less than the one to produce a paper magazine. There is also no waste from unsold issues, and no need to calculate the costs of distribution.

A web magazine is a great resource to reach your prospective and current clients. Publishing a regular web magazine can help drive traffic to your site because it provides new, fresh content. Better yet, it can feature your own spin on things as well as your resources, while it provides you with further things to discuss on social media. You could be missing out on an excellent opportunity to gain a valuable customer base if you are not thinking about launching an online magazine.