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Coronavirus: how to use search data and increase organic traffic

Marco Belmondo

Our sister company ByTek in Datrix group has just published a free report about online search data in USA. You will understand which interests are growing and which are decreasing due to Coronavirus.

Click here to download the report

Coronavirus is delivering the most notable “spikes” in recent history.  Why don’t you align your short-term content strategy and editorial plan?
From riding the wave of trending search terms, you will also be able to reduce the negative effects of Coronavirus on ad rates.

Regardless of your publishing niche, you can find a creative angle to write articles about trending search terms to increase your organic traffic. Follow the brilliant example of Cult of Mac, the daily news website that follows everything Apple. It is adapting its content to fit the search trends during Covid-19. Here are some titles of recent articles they’ve written:

  • Everything you need to know about disinfecting packages
  • Apple stores re-open mid-April at earliest
  • Bay Area medical workers use iPhone-connected smart ring to thwart COVID-19

P.S. ByTek has reported also the most searched topics in Italy.