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Voice Apps for brands and publishers.

Engage your audience and increase revenues by offering your users the content and information they really want, the way they want, via Google and Amazon smart speakers.

Voice apps allow your audience to interact with your publications, website and marketing material easily, through voice.

Can you imagine a future with no websites?

That’s an exaggeration, yet … Trends are changing. We are (still) in a mobile first world, where mobile search is bigger than desktop search. And in this mobile world, apps are more popular than websites.

In many respects, we like closed ecosystems: we are searching for answers and not for more questions. This is one of the main reasons for the success of voice apps.

Visible growth of smart speakers. They are going mainstream.

More than 215 million smart speakers in 2019, + 100% YOY.

In Italy more than 2 million units were sold in 2019 alone, and they will overtake tablets by the end of 2021.

Usage of voice assistants is growing year after year, changing the way users look for news and information, also before buying online products.

What is the challenge? Deliver content to be ANSWER-READY.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence have made search engines (note that Amazon is the most used search engine for transactional keywords) capable of answering more complex questions than ever. Now these search engines have set the standard for answering users’ questions.

User experience is, ultimately, at the forefront of search engine optimization. Voice search drastically improves user experience. Because of that, by the year 2020, half of all online searches will be made through voice search. Due to its prolific use, search engines such as Google are placing a higher emphasis on voice search optimization.

How? Through a Voice App.

What customers can do with voice? Companies predict a doubling of voice enabled experiences within 2020.


It’s our software for content distribution through Amazon Echo and Google Home.
With VoiceLit you can:

  • Reach a new public
  • Be more relevant in both voice and traditional search
  • Collect data on your customers and using it to enrich their user experience

VoiceLit workflow.

You share input info (text RSS feed, audio, storage) with us through database, API, shared folder or docs.

We then build the app, ready to be activated both on Google Home and Amazon Alexa, the main platforms in the voice market.

Why VoiceLit? Why now?

1. Because a voice app developed with VoiceLit works on both Google and Amazon without doubling costs.

This is the advantage of choosing one of the main voice app players in Italy.

2. Being one of the frontrunners in the voice channel can create an association between brand and function in clients’ mind.

If we are one of the few brands in a category, we can compete in a far easier playground. Marketers expect voice to be at least a significant marketing channel within the next three to five years.

Benefits for Publishers and Brands

  • Your brand will be available to millions of users
  • Easily reach new audiences with a powerful way to interact with them
  • Go beyond traditional distribution channels
  • Start now: the sooner your app gets indexed, the better
  • Get to know your audience better
  • Collect data and use it to improve the overall user experience as well as your content
  • New monetization and advertising opportunities
  • Sell subscriptions, articles or products straight from the voice app

How does it work?

Users find your app through explicit invocations:

Hey Google, ask BRAND APP for the latest news
Good morning, here are the latest news from BRAND: … – What news are you interested in?

Users find your app through explicit invocations:

Hey Google, I would like the latest news in international politics
Sure. For that, you might like BRAND APP. Wanna give it a try?

Brilliant use cases.

Strengthen brand awareness by enabling a new, immediate way to interact constantly with your customers providing information, suggestions and trivia about haircare through smart speakers

Deliver content through a voice app, covering a new channel and offering an active experience where users can search for their favourite content and do more compared to a simple podcast.

Innovate the interaction between the team and the fan base providing:
information about live matches, results, history, stadium parking lots,
the opportunity to buy tickets, merchandising, etc.

Put the magazine or newspaper brand closer to the readers by enabling them to search for articles, to read summarized versions, to get the top news highlights and to facilitate the renewal of subscriptions.

Voice app can be leveraged by transportation companies as well as by airports, train stations, harbours to provide easy and fast access to
departure and arrival information, train and flight status & delays, car park availability and reservation.

Voice apps can be leveraged to not only deliver information about mall opening times, promotions, etc., but also to distribute coupons to be redeemed in retail stores, unifying the online-offline experience.

Create some amazing digital magazines and monetize your content!