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About us

PaperLit is a tech company (part of Datrix group), dedicated to the development of software products, based on Artificial Intelligence, for content distribution and data monetization.

Founded in 2009 in Menlo Park, California, PaperLit first revolutionized the way publishers around the world transform and distribute paper publications on mobile devices. Big name brands were soon added to the list of client companies, increasingly strategically engaged in the production of original content. This is the platform known as MobiLit.

To respond to the evolving needs of the market, the aforementioned product has recently been joined by:

– VoiceLit, for the distribution of content through smart speakers (e.g. Amazon Echo and Google Home), aimed at publishers and brands;

– MagPedia, for the monetization of content that forms part of the publisher’s inventory, including their archive, through the use of automatic SEO analysis and optimization. Content is broken down and re-aggregated to make it more interesting to different reader clusters;

DataLit.AI, the new ad network that turns data intelligence into additional revenue for Retailers, Publishers, and Advertisers.

PaperLit not only offers companies the tools for digital content transformation and innovation, but also helps them to better understand and reach their customers and users, by taking effective decisions based on data. It does so by collaborating with the other tech companies of the Datrix group: 3rdPlace | user & customer AIByTek | performance marketing AI and FinScience | investment AI.

Are you interested in joining the PaperLit team? Drop us a line or check our current openings.

Our Team

Davide Cui

Head of Product

Marco Atzori

Head of Sales

Davide Murru

Head of Engineering

Patrizia Mureddu


Giorgia Aramu

Head of customer success

Piero Canu


Nico Massa

Web Dev

Create some amazing digital magazines and monetize your content!

We are part of


Tech company which collects, analyzes and translates client/user data into insights, identifies anomalies, predictions and business opportunities which help to improve decision making, actions and operating results.


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