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MobiLit is a full-stack DIY digital publishing software

Create some amazing digital magazines and monetize your content!

Create & distribute digital publication with a branded mobile app

MobiLit is perfect for:

  • Magazines, newspapers, house organs
  • Product catalogues and flyers
  • Corporate materials (i.e. presentations and brochures for employees, investors and partners)
  • Schoolbooks
  • Real-time news websites and all kinds of content websites you want to convert in a mobile app

To engage customers and enrich their experiences, today every company must be a media company. Not just the Publishers.

Create interactive publications using our Multimedia Editor

  • Upload a PDF into MobiLit
  • Layer multimedia files like audio, images and video, web links or HTML5 content
  • Set up a table of contents & internal linking for easy navigation
  • Enable text search, page bookmarking and social sharing

Add exclusive content with MobiLit Live!

Deliver exclusive content with live feeds.

Give people a reason to visit your app every day! Share fresh content from your website, blog or exclusive RSS and increase app engagement.
Create a single app experience for sales of News and Digital Edition.

Reach your readers with a branded newsstand app.

Distribute your publication on the app stores

MobiLit will customize your single or multi-publication newsstand app to reflect your brand and it will be published on: Web, App Store, Google Play.

Engage your readers, convert them in digital subscribers, monetize with advertising

The digital audience needs to be engaged more frequently than the print one. You can do it with distinctive content (multimedia and live feeds) but also with the marketing tools of the digital publishing suite MobiLit: segmented push notifications, promotional couponing, email marketing automation.
You can sell single mobile issues and manage subscriptions with our tool or with integrated third party systems.
You can monetize running premium advertising in the app through banners and interstitials.
You can have full control and data governance with detailed Analytics in order to improve your decision making, market more effectively, personalize content and tailor customer service, build stronger relationships and streamline your processes.

Give print subscribers added value

  • Bundle print & digital offers
  • Manage subscribers access by connecting your existing database
  • SSO
  • Support for the major subscriber database services
  • Authorize access to digital replicas according to subscription start and end dates
  • Subscribers simply download your app and log-in to access mobile-friendly issues

You focus on the content, we focus on the technology

  • PDF, .folio, HPub (HTML5), RSS
  • Multimedia Editor
  • Multiple news sources (video, text, galleries…)
  • Segmented Push Notifications
  • In-app Purchases
  • PubCommerce (web e-comm)
  • Shopify integration

  • State-of-the-art reader (issue-level text-based search, page bookmarking & social sharing, text extraction & highlighting, annotations, miniatures)
  • Promotional coupons
  • SSO
  • WordPress plugin
  • Analytics (Google Analytics & Flurry)

  • Single or Multi-publication App
    Library Archiving
  • Accredited Login for Subscribers
  • Native Subscription Management tool
  • Subscription Management Integration (CDS, Cambey & West, Shopify, Direct Channel by Mondadori)
  • In-app Advertising

MobiLit features list

Create some amazing digital magazines and monetize your content!