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The effectiveness of including famous Guest Authors in the News Industry

Luca Filigheddu

In today’s fiercely competitive publishing and news industry, the struggle to capture and retain the audience’s attention is more intense than ever. In this hectic scenario, the inclusion of specialized content and articles written by famous guest authors holds a prominent role in increasing visibility, generating conversions, and stimulating subscriptions.

The contribution of well-known figures, respected and recognized in their respective fields, offers numerous advantages for both publishers and readers.


“Celeb” guest writers to enhance authoritativeness, visibility, conversions, and subscriptions

First and foremost, featuring renowned names within a news media outlet adds credibility and reputation to the publication. Readers are naturally more inclined to trust and lend credibility to content authored by recognized experts and journalists, as opposed to anonymous articles. The presence of famous guests elevates the media’s prestige and brand positioning, as a reliable source of information, attracting a broader and more loyal readership.

Furthermore, incorporating articles written by prominent personalities has a significant impact on the media’s visibility. Famous guests often boast a considerable following on social media and other digital platforms. When they share their editorial contributions through their channels, their content reaches new audiences and potential readers who were

unaware of its existence before. This increased visibility translates into higher website traffic and, consequently, greater exposure for advertisements and sponsored content.

Engaging famous personalities can also prove instrumental in generating conversions and expanding the subscriber base. When readers and users see well-known figures contributing to a specific publication, they perceive higher value in the content offered. As a matter of fact, this motivates many readers to become subscribers, granting them continuous access to the future works of both guest authors and other noteworthy contributors. Additionally, media coverage and mentions of contributions from famous guests can attract the attention of commercial partners and investors interested in collaborating with your publication.


Examples of famous guest writers and journalists on news outlets 

There are plenty of famous writers and journalists occasionally guesting on newspapers and news sites, which ensures their authority and enhances readership. 

Two very different examples are:

  • Pico Iyer, acclaimed travel writer and author, is a frequent contributor to publications such as The New York Times and The Financial Times. His travel essays and reflections offer unique perspectives on the world; 
  • Jane Mayer, an investigative journalist and staff writer for The New Yorker, covers topics such as politics, corruption, and corporate power.

In the Italian publishing scenario, a good example is the novelist and essayist Alessandro Baricco hosted in Il Post.


Featuring famous authors: how to avoid imbalance

Naturally, it is vital for publishers to strike a balance between contributions from famous guests and those from the media’s own authors: in fact, while leveraging the benefits of featuring famous names is crucial, preserving the editorial identity and ensuring that the contributions of internal team members are not overshadowed is equally important.

A careful equilibrium between external and internal content allows for maximizing the advantages of guest contributions without compromising the media’s authenticity.