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App templates to engage your audience more (and monetize your content more)

Alice Orecchio

Nowadays, people read differently, but are still interested in good stories. Content is key and you need to create and distribute your stories to reach the widest – or most targeted – audience you can. 

But once you have the content, how do you turn it into something truly engaging for your customers?

The first recommendation is obviously choosing a solution that lets you exploit the most from your publications: what you need is a customizable template that provides multimedia integrations (such as galleries, podcasts and vlogs) to assure the best digital branded version of your content. 

Long texts should harmoniously blend with visual, audio and video content, while offering easy links to other relevant information and social media.

Starting from this, there are a few further steps you might want to take to enhance your content and engage your audience.

1. Go mobile first

Keep in mind that users behavior is different when on a mobile device: content and the interface design should be tailored to this use context, since people watch on their smartphone everywhere, while doing all kinds of activities, which implies a fragmented attention and maybe a context dependent interest. 

User-experience should be so smooth you find everything you wanted to find – and even what you didn’t know you wanted to find in minutes.

2. Get your stuff together

If your content is digitally issued through websites, paid media it means it is spread but also scattered, and that is a potential waste of engagement. You should probably consider gathering all your publications in one place, and this place could be a branded App.

Choose a software that will customize your single or multi-publication turning it into a branded newsstand, available on App Store and Google Play. This way, subscribers will simply download the app on their favorite store and log-in to enjoy completely mobile-friendly digital content. 

3. Exploit existing users database

When management flows easily across every channel, and publishers can authorize subscribers’ access by connecting existing databases according to their subscription dates, you get a real value added.

This way every publisher can improve the decision process, market more effectively, personalize content and tailor customer service.

Features that will make it easier

MobiLit is a full-stack DIY digital publishing software launched by PaperLit, the pubtech company of Datrix group. 

It features all the tools and integrations you need to engage subscribers in an immersive and frictionless user experience, such as multiple news sources (video, text, galleries, etc), WordPress plugin, Native Subscription Management, just to name a few.

Its new templates are specifically designed for Magazines, newspapers, corporate material (such as catalogs and flyers), and ultimately every kind of content you need to turn into a mobile App, to convert your readers into subscribers, rewarding their loyalty.

This is why MobiLit addresses not only Publishers, but every brand willing to engage their customers and enrich their experiences. 

MobiLit also supports digital school books, integrating exercises and other interactive multimedia contents, so that students can do their homework and then send them directly to teachers.

Tools that will make it more profitable

Thanks to its data-driven approach that combines Analytics, Accredited Login for Subscribers, In-app integrated Advertising (banners and interstitials) and promotional coupons, MobiLit can efficiently monetize every kind of digital content, through segmented push notifications, promotional couponing, email marketing automation.

A Case Study: How Vanity Fair increased their digital readers by 6 times in 20 days

Vanity Fair is  a costume, culture, fashion and politics popular magazine by Condé Nast.

The aim was selling all their digital editions in the same digital newsstand, while increasing traffic on digital assets, collecting data from readers, to better monetize content.

In order to do so, PaperLit wanted to provide Vanity Fair readers with a unique user experience combining information and entertainment, debate and involvement. 

That’s why it has perfected a latest generation Content Based App to deliver exclusive and multimedia content, publish backstage video and audio previews of interviews,  create video channels and podcasts, and simultaneously update real-time feed with the latest news and trends.

The new MobiLit templates allow publishers to use different graphic schemes, according to their needs. At the same time, they optimize In-app purchases, growing the potential of the previous digital issues.

As a matter of fact, Vanity Fair contents, which were previously available only in the physical newspaper, website or social media, are now conveyed through a brand new channel: a branded App, resulting in new data and new monetization opportunities. 

After 20 days the number of users has increased by 6 times and it has now stabilized at twice as much as before.