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Newspapers digital editions to fight Coronavirus

Luca Filigheddu

Newspapers digital editions are the solution for your readers to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

In many countries around the world, newspapers’ largest business is made of street sales. This means that if newspapers can’t sell on the street anymore because people can’t leave their house due to Coronavirus, they have a problem. A huge problem. In many countries in Africa, for example, this is the current, unlucky situation.

However, there are three important things you should do immediately in order to minimize the money you are losing due to the Coronavirus Covide-19 pandemic. 

Make your newspaper digital

It’s a matter of fact, in the near future, new generations will not know what buying a paper newspaper/magazine means. You need to design your strategy in a way digital is the #1 channel for you to do business. Mobile apps and web will be the #1 channel to bring/sell content to your readers. Are you doing that yet?

New formats: make your newspaper digital editions interactive

Why designing a layout that works well on paper and adapt that to digital? Why don’t you do the other way around? Keep the traditional formats for paper, but start building content having digital in mind first. Interactive content easily usable on mobile devices, even with small screens, is the way to go.

Sell newspaper subscriptions instead of issues

Create monthly subscriptions to engage your audience. The concept of “issue”, in the long run, will not make sense anymore. In this sense, The NYT is leading the market, with an app that brings new content everyday, but you don’t have daily issues anymore.

We are not suggesting anything new here, digital editions exist since the launch of the first iPad, but now you have to think of them as the most important channel to stay in touch with readers. They want fresh content every day and, in a period like the one we are living in, the street or traditional newsstand are definitely not the best way to bring content to your readers.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure your readers stay safe, go digital now.