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Marketing in Coronavirus time. The example of Condé Nast

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During this period where everyone stays at home, it’s no secret that many digital services, in different areas globally, are experiencing a huge growth in usage. New users, lots of new sessions per day, higher page views than usual.
In addition, many services are offering free access to features, content, apps that usually are paid. 

Publishers are no exception and some of our clients are doing that as we speak. In Italy in particular, five publishers are leveraging the marketing tools of our digital platform MobiLit to provide users with free access to their content.

PPA, the Professional Publishers Association in the UK, highlights  the great job that Condè Nast Italy is doing with us:

The publishing company headed by Fedele Usai then extended its free digital distribution for the next three months to cover the group’s other titles. Readers can follow the instructions given on the magazines’ websites and use the associated apps to access Vogue, GQ, Wired, AD, La Cucina Italiana and Traveller free of charge, and follow the video courses of La Cucina Italiana Cooking School.
Readers can now also access the Vogue Italia archive completely free of charge.

It’s great to see publishers leveraging our MobiLit platform at its best. MobiLit allows publishers to create any kind of marketing offer very easily for their digital publication, from coupon campaigns to get free editions to other marketing initiatives involving subscriptions and discounts (go to the article on this matter).

Other publishers running special promotions for their digital editions through MobiLit are (Italy only):

Everyone hopes this unusual and tough situation will end soon, in the meantime, lots of free, high–quality content can make the difference for people obliged to stay at home for a long period of time.

If you are a Publisher willing to offer free content to your readers during these months, please get in touch and we will help you in the best way possible.

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Marco Belmondo

Marco Belmondo

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