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WordPress as a CMS? Get inspired by these websites!

Team PaperLit


If you are thinking of embracing the WordPress trend and looking for some inspiration then, look no further! Below are some of the most innovative sites that use WordPress as a CMS that could inspire you.

The Walt Disney Company


You may be surprised to hear that the cartoon greats call WordPress home! The website itself offers corporate information in a very easy-to-read format. Both the text and the images appear in boxes which separate them from the rest of the page. The pages are neatly sectioned with full-width horizontal images to break up the walls of text to make it more user-friendly and visually pleasing.

This site cannot only be seen as cool for the names that it hosts but also for the simplistic, well-thought-out design elements! If you want to create a clean, crisp look for your WordPress that resonates a class, then have a look at the Walt Disney WordPress and get inspired.



Known for their footwear and accessories, Bata is a well-loved brand that serves over a million customers every day! The website itself is rich in images that showcase the various models of shoes in an attractive way. As you hover over each of the images, text headings appear which you can click on to read further. Small icons of a shoe and of people appear alongside the text, so you know what you are likely to find within. The small strategically placed arrows help you to navigate the website with ease. Learn from Bata and make your site as user-friendly as possible!



The black background of the website and the stunning scenery displayed in the images on the slider make a perfect backdrop for the various models of cars manufactured by this corporate big timer! The website is sleek with videos of the cars in action displayed alongside articles that you can find in margin-less boxes. This WordPress epitomises elegance and cool so if you want your site to be streamlined and rather minimal, take some inspiration from Mercedes.

Invisible Children


Now, this is a bit of a different one. This is an organisation that was founded to aid in the mission to return captive child soldiers of East Africa to their homes. The well-organised, carefully planned website does not overwhelm us with information and instead, focuses on what’s really important. A key feature of the site is the Donate button which pops up frequently on the screen urging visitors to contribute towards peace. Take note of this site if you are looking for tips on how to design an extremely functional and user-friendly WordPress.



This is a leading entertainment data and technology company that helps to link people to the entertainment they want. At first glance, the header appears ordinary, shrinking a little bit as you move away but when you hover over the menu, the submenu opens up to display small, neat images with text alongside.

This is an interesting way to encourage your visitors to read further so if you are looking for an interesting technique, you can incorporate this into your site. The images on the slider on the homepage will give you an idea of the services that are available. So if you want to get inspired by a more designer look, just take a look at this WordPress.




You may find this hard to believe, but the official website of Sweden was built on the WordPress platform. It has a huge number of images with thin borders, arranged in a three column layout. There is a broad empty space to the left so the images do not seem to clutter the page, you can click on each of them to read more about the subject.

The images cover a wide range of topics from human rights to cultural events to the Swedish Monarchy to elder care and more. Information about the site is placed on a footer that can be pulled out and pushed back in. It’s a great example of a cool site that discusses high profile events and issues.

Well, there you go! Look at these sites which use WordPress as a CMS and get inspired.