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Monetize your premium content with a digital magazine

Team PaperLit


Do you have a blog or a website with articles that could be gathered into a digital issue? Are you looking to make a little extra money from your content? Then, the Paperlit plugin could be the answer to all of your prayers! So, let’s take a look at what you could do with this magical plugin.

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You can categorise your articles

With the help of the Paperlit plugin, you will be able to create your digital magazine quickly and easily with minimum effort. Digital publications are often divided into various sections, and yours can follow this structure too. You can gather all of the articles written on the same topic together to create guides.

For instance, you could place all the articles that relate to cooking together to create a cookbook or you could gather all of the articles about countries and tourism together to create travel guides. Being able to categorise your articles will really help your readers to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently which will make for a happier readership!

You are able to publish more premium content

The Paperlit plugin offers its users the opportunity to publish more premium content. This should consist of the content that you think will interest your audience the most and that is most sought after and that therefore, you think could be monetized. There are many forms that this could take, from a reportage or research to some interviews that will be particularly entertaining or useful to your readers.

You can repurpose old content

Starting your digital publication offers you the rare chance to reuse and repurpose your old content. Not only does this mean that you will have a little less work to do but it also means that pieces that you feel are important can be reused and adapted to fit another purpose. The Paperlit plugin makes repurposing this old content into a new format quick and easy!

You can commemorate an event

With your digital issue, you are able to celebrate and commemorate an event by publishing an issue dedicated to that particular topic or event. You can gather all the articles written at the time or all of the articles dedicated to that event and form your magazine.

You could distribute your digital magazine with a mobile app

By using Paperlit, you open yourself up to a whole new world of distribution possibilities. You are able to distribute your publication with a mobile app. This could really help to monetize your app as it means that your digital publication could attract a whole new audience who are looking for an easy-to-use, readable magazine. Add to this that it’s easier to access a mobile app than relying on the internet browser and you have a winner!

You can incorporate in-app purchases or advertising

You have the potential to monetize your app greatly by using in-app purchases and advertising. Both options offer you the potential to make a little extra profit from your magazine, an option which is often not available to such an extent on regular blogs or WordPress sites.

You can connect live feeds to share exclusive content

Want to take another step forward? Connect live feeds to share exclusive content from your website or blog. This incorporates a whole new, interactive aspect to your magazine that has the potential to impress your audience and readers.

You could publish your app on an app store

If you’re looking to increase the chances of having people download your digital publication, you could publish it in the App Store or on Google Play. This could be an excellent money-earner, as well as promoting your content and potentially securing an increased flow of traffic through your site.

You are able to distribute a state-of-the-art digital magazine

With Paperlit, you can distribute a modern, state-of-the-art, mobile-friendly digital issue. These magazines are easy to use and easy to operate. Distributing a magazine that is modern and user-friendly will increase your attractiveness.

Well, there you have it! All the ways that you can monetize your digital magazine with the help of Paperlit and its plugin.