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Digitalization of the publishing industry: how to survive and thrive

Team PaperLit

We are in an age where technology is overtaking everything, including the publishing industry.

Publishing is a field that has been based predominantly on paper for quite some time, and as it makes its transition to digital, it’s clear that it isn’t so easy to survive and thrive. Read on and discover the tips and tricks that will help you to succeed in this constantly diversifying industry.

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Diversify and be ready to thrive

Now, if you are attempting to tackle the digital publishing world, you should remember that diversity is key. It isn’t enough anymore to just create the standard digital magazines that appeal to the masses, it’s time to try something a little bit different! Inviting your readers to a live event could be a unique way of stepping up your digital game. It could be anything from a book reading to a live interview to an event based on a specific topic like Women’s Week.

Not only could it entice and inspire your readers, but it could also lead to quite the profit from ticket sales and sponsorship deals (remember that marketers will be only too willing to pay the big bucks to showcase their brands). With a digital publication, it is extremely easy to promote your content and event as well as manage it and keep track of ticket sales etc. Looking beyond the traditional business model of the average digital magazine will really allow you to gain a whole new audience and reconnect with your fans faithful and new.

Offer something unique

If you want to thrive in the digital publishing world, you can boost your subscriptions revenue by offering your readers content that is more expensive to produce.

The expensive-to-produce content could be anything from an exclusive interview with one of Hollywood’s most elite to a guide that focuses on a complex task. These are the pieces that your readers want to see and placing a price on them will only make them more appealing. Not only could this help you to thrive economically but also help you become more popular. It is often the case that the more articles that you produce that fit this description, the more readers that you entice!

Make it personal

Now, the majority of digital publishers are tempted to rely solely on social media to deliver and promote their content. It may be a strategy that works but if you really want to ensure that your content is being read then you should personalise and reach out to those you know will enjoy your content as well as broadcast to the nameless masses.

Let’s look at the New York Times and their multi-level audience engagement strategy. Not only do they indulge in social media but they also send regular email newsletters. The email newsletters send the content that is a must-read and draws it to the attention of the readers. It really adds that personal touch that makes readers feel special and valued which is after all, what keeps them coming back for more.

Get informed

Many high-profile, big-shot publishers (like Buzzfeed) delve deep into their data resources in order to understand what draws in the numbers and what their readers really want. Using the data that is at your disposal to understand what you do best is what will help you thrive in the digital publishing industry, after all, it is an advantage that we don’t often have in the print publishing industry.

In order to discover what readers like most in print magazines we would have to conduct focus groups, circulate surveys and do a great deal of work! But, thanks to technology and all of its greatness, we are able to view what article has received the most traffic and even ask for comments! It really allows you to focus on what your readers want and therefore, drives the success of your digital publication.

Well, there you have it! Prepare to strive and thrive. You may have to work hard, but it will pay off.