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1 million pages read in the first 48 hours of iPad’s european launch

Team PaperLit

We just got out of the launch pad in Europe so to speak and have a huge number of new iPad owners downloading the iPad apps we built for our customer’s newpapers like La Repubblica+, Il Foglio, Internazionale, EPolis Milano and many more.

With over a million pages served in the first 48 hours it’s a really a good start. We’re working hard on a number of features to enrich classic editorial content with video and photo galleries. Some of these are already visible in La Repubblica+ and some more are coming out in the following weeks.

Some of our customers are running specials on their paper papers to explain the iPad app and what it can do. Some are outright funny, il Foglio for example opened on the front page with “How cool is it to read il Foglio on your iPad?”. So far a really exciting couple of days, thanks to our readers and publishers.


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