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Nicola Massa

The popular celebrity and Royal-news magazine leverages PaperLit for their digital edition.

Hello! Fashion Monthly Magazine now available in an easy-to-use interactive app


As a magazine that is renowned around the world, Hello feels more pressure to go above and beyond than most magazines, and that does not change in the digital world. Hello Magazine were debating how best to embrace the new age and set their digital magazine apart from the crowd. For them, this meant opting for something that wasn’t the standard digital replica format, that is the norm for so many magazines, and stepping out to show a little innovation and improve their reader’s experience.


The client
British lifestyle magazine
The solution
Reflow app
The result
Interactive content with ecommerce integration

Digital reflows are becoming the new norm for digital magazines, and this means that a digital publishing platform that’s geared and designed for catering to interactive content is needed. That is where Paperlit’s reflow app comes in. This app makes things a little bit easier as it allows content to be easily transformed into something new and innovative that will have readers desperate for more. Hello adopted this strategy as its own and has been offering its users a Paperlit/Hello combination.


Using the Paperlit reflow app allows smartphone users to take advantage of a more user-friendly edition of the digital magazine. This will quench many readers’ thirst for something more interactive and with a more digital orientation. The app itself is easy to access as well as visually pleasing which will, of course, keep readers coming back for more. The main reason for this is because it offers increased engagement. Readers can easily browse through articles, favourite them and share pages on social media and email.

A new style of content

Thanks to the Paperlit Reflow app, readers are able to access interactive content that fits perfectly on their smartphone screens.


eCommerce integration

By using the Paperlit Reflow app, Hello has been given a whole new opportunity to capitalise on their readership and that is through eCommerce integration.