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La civiltà cattolica – Digital Replica

Nicola Massa

The Oldest Italian Periodical

A Catholic magazine that goes beyond religion


We live in a time where religious magazines are considered as a rather outdated concept, but the oldest Italian periodical is trying to change that. La Civiltà Cattolica has been trying to bring religion into the modern age but there were, of course, some challenges to overcome. Principally: how to reach new readers through more modern channels of communication opposed to the traditional paper magazines. These new channels, smartphones and tablets, are surely capable of captivating a whole new generation of readers and viewers and encourage them to read the magazine, but the question was how to do it.


The client
Italian Catholic magazine
The solution
Digital replica
The result
Reach of younger readership and of catholic readers around the world

For La Civiltà Cattolica, the best solution was something that was not too complex or time-consuming to create, and that is why enhanced digital replica was suggested to them. But what is digital replica? Digital replica is when PDFs or print magazines are uploaded and then digitalised to create a digital version. Everything remains the same from the layout to the content so that the personality of the magazine does not have to be sacrificed. It’s an extremely effective solution.


Thanks to digital replica, La Civiltà Cattolica is now offering their readers a new and unique reading experience which is helping them to stand out from every other religious periodical. It offers loyal print subscribers of the magazine something new and unique that is destined to enhance their reading experience and make it more appealing than ever. Now, not only will these updated methods help to keep their old readers interested and coming back for more but, using these different channels that have a modern twist, will aid them in expanding their audience and reaching the younger generations.


Reaching out to the youngsters

Opting for these new communication methods, that appeal to the tech-loving millennials, really allows them to reach out to a broader and more diverse audience. This younger readership could be just what’s needed to change the perception of the Catholic religion and make it more popular.


Breaking the boundaries

La Civiltà Cattolica is used as a reference point for Catholics all around the world and being digital actually allows it to reach readers without national limitations. Borders don’t exist online, so its reach is wider than ever before. This international element could really help the magazine to break boundaries.