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FORBES ITALY – Digital replica

Nicola Massa

A Business Magazine powered by PaperLit.

Forbes launched its Italian version and trusted Paperlit to deliver its digital edition


In the world of digital publishing, challenges are present at every turn. Despite Forbes being a company that has been internationally renowned in the publishing world for decades, Forbes faced a serious challenge as it set out to launch a new digital version of its world-famous magazine in Italy. Launching this new digital edition involved working with a powerful and reliable app platform from the very first day to ensure success, but it was no easy feat. So, that begs the question: what could be done to make this launch a more achievable goal?


The client
Italian business magazine

The solution
Digital replica

The result
Increased brand exposure and capitalisation on the digital presence

Well, that is where digital replica came in. It offered Forbes exactly what they needed. To put it simply, digital replica is an exact copy of the print magazine or document without any bells and whistles. As far as the content goes, it is rather basic, as everything from the layout to the advertising to the content itself, takes the same form of the print version but it does preserve the all-important character of the original magazine. It is a solution that pleases readers and publishers everywhere.

Result & Advantages

Of course, it would’ve been more of a challenge for Forbes to embark on this adventure alone, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. Forbes teamed up with PaperLit to make their Italian digital magazine dreams a reality. PaperLit created and delivered a solution to help Forbes launch a magazine that was destined to succeed in the Italian digital publishing world. They offered a fully branded solution alongside integration with their 3rd party subscription provider, Press-di. Part of the well-known Mondadori group, Press-di works as a printing distribution company that offers editors operating in Italian and foreign markets its services.


Reaching a new customer base

Forbes has received a boost in the digital stratosphere with new-found brand exposure and the chance to capture a whole new potential audience. They now have a great opportunity to capitalise on their digital presence.


The old meets the new

But there is one more powerful business motivator. Forbes subscribers will be able to integrate with the existing customer databases of Paperlit and Press-di, allowing a potential readership expansion.