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WordPress Publishing

Use WordPress as your CMS and start creating an engaging digital magazine.

Why use WordPress as a CMS

As a publisher, you must already have a certain system to store and manage your content. They could range from the free or affordable Google Drive and Docs to the more expensive enterprise content management systems (CMS) and solutions. However, did you know that WordPress, the popular blogging platform, can also be used as a CMS?

Aside from being a place to store content either in their draft stage or published blog, WordPress allows you to venture into digital magazine publishing. Right now, there are two kinds of publishers, digital publishers who work in online publishing and traditional publishers that deal with print content. Here’s why for both, WordPress is the most logical choice for a CMS.

Why use WordPress as a CMS if you are a digital publisher

Digital Publishers

For online publishers and bloggers, WordPress is already being used or they are at least familiar with the system. When these online publishers want to start publishing digital magazines, they can still use WordPress as a content management system and then use the Paperlit plugin to create the issues.

Why use WordPress as a CMS if you are a traditional publisher

Traditional Publishers

For traditional print publishers that want to make the move to digital publishing, WordPress will be invaluable as it has been designed especially for both first-timers and professionals. Moreover, it provides a lot of monetization opportunities. WordPress, combined with Paperlit, can help traditional publishers create engaging digital reflow versions of their magazines.

Bloggers and Digital Publishers

The growth of the Internet and online content has lead to an increase in the number of bloggers. However, despite the large number of content creators, not many know how to make the most use of their articles. For example, only the most successful bloggers know that the content they write can be repurposed into another form or even monetized further.

One of the easiest ways for bloggers to generate more revenue and impact per piece of content that they write or produce is to create a digital magazine. And they don’t even need a whole new set of tools to do that.


Digital publisher


Let’s take a regular WordPress blogger. They already have the platform that stores their blogs. All they need is to install Paperlit WordPress plugin, select the articles that they want to include in their next issue, set the layout, select a cover, export it as a digital reflow and publish it on their own magazine app. You can see for yourself how easy it is in this video that provides you with a step-by-step guide.

If you think about the process of producing a printed magazine, this process is a whole lot more streamlined and allows you to double the returns on the time you spent creating your original blogs.



Traditional Publishers WordPress as a CMS

Traditional Publishers

For a traditional print publisher, you may think that it’s too difficult to produce an interactive and engaging digital magazine.

You may have a lot of PDFs as a digital equivalent of your publication, but you know it takes more than an exact digital replica of your magazine to really catch the attention of digital readers. You know that if you want a digital magazine, it needs to be a reflow. Aside from that, the amount of work it will take may be more than what your current team can handle.

In the past, all these may have been an issue, but now, technology has advanced in a way that will allow you to turn your print magazine into digital magazine reflows! All you need is Paperlit. You just have to send the PDF to Paperlit, and its team of experts will convert the PDF articles into a reflow format. WordPress is used as the CMS. After that, you can publish your reflow magazine into your very own magazine app!

With the right tools, there’s no need to expand your team or double your workload just to get a digital magazine up and running.

Traditional publisher

What You Get


Distribute your digital magazine with a branded newsstand app

Why bother getting an expensive CMS that will just add costs and take time to get familiar with when there’s already a platform that you and your writers are familiar with? You’ve seen some of the few advantages of using WordPress as a CMS in the preceding sections. But one of the most important advantages is being a stepping stone to creating your very own digital reflows!

If you aren’t familiar with digital reflows, they are basically the newest and most prefered standard format for digital magazines today. They’re the most interactive and adaptable. You can add multimedia and they adapt based on the device being used to view the magazine.

Without a doubt, reflows provide the best viewing and content consumption experience for your users. It’s a format that’s designed to be easy to use while also allowing you to create visually stunning designs. It’s form and function, something your digital magazines need to balance. The other alternatives would be a static PDF which limits multimedia and doesn’t provide optimal viewing on device and a replica which is basically a PDF with embedded multimedia.

When creating superior reflows, you need a tool that makes the production process easier. You can use Paperlit, which has been designed to create digital magazine reflows even out of existing blogs and content from your WordPress.


Publishers looking to overhaul their business by taking the digital plunge can start with Paperlit. Get a quote now!

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