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If you are looking to transform your print magazine into a potential earning opportunity, then you may want to look at converting your PDFs into a digital magazine. The traditional print magazine shares content through a large number of PDFs so in order to convert the magazine into a digital format we must choose between digital replica and digital reflow

Let’s take a look at these two techniques and the features that they possess to see which is right for you.


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What is a digital replica?

A digital replica is, in essence, an exact copy of your print magazine without any added bells and whistles. It is fairly simple as the digitised content (the layout, the advertising and the content itself) takes the same form as the print edition. So all you have to do is upload the PDFs, with the help of software providers or an expert, and your magazine is digitised.

It is easy even for the novices among you and well worth the extra effort. Many opt to use digital replica opposed to other conversion methods because of the lower price points available for both design and production.

Who is digital replica aimed towards?

Digital replica was designed for the hundreds of smaller publishers out there who are bravely embarking on their journey to join the big boys of the game minus the expensive bells and whistles. A digital replica is ideal for first-timers who are venturing into the world of digital magazine creation,especially as they are known to have fewer resources to throw at a digital magazine.

No one says that you have to follow in the footsteps of the big-time companies straight away and create a spectacularly innovative digital magazine. You can instead ease yourself into the mobile publishing age with a simple digital replica magazine and still satisfy your readers, your advertisers and your budget! If you opt for a digital replica, you will surely be in good company!

When it comes to publishing and distributing your magazine with a mobile app, there are a few different ways to format your digital magazine. Traditionally, publishers have used the digital replica format which has always got the job done and offered a great solution to digital magazine creation.

However, publishers have begun to recognise that there is a need to include interactive elements to enhance the reading experience of the audience and increase the earning opportunity (like video, additional pop-up content, audio). While you can embed and overlay interactive elements in a replica, it’s a low-tech solution that doesn’t meet the demands of digital pros, so that is where digital reflow comes in.

What is digital reflow?

Digital reflow takes interactivity to a whole new level by designing a format for mobile platforms. Unlike digital replicas, which force a full magazine page onto the screen, a reflow is designed so that text, images and other interactive elements are enlarged to fit comfortably into the screen of a device.

This results in a superior reading experience since the visitor doesn’t need to zoom in or out to read the text or further engage with content. A further innovative aspect of digital reflow is that they use the vertical swipe opposed to the traditional flipbook experience. This means that readers can swipe side to side to browse articles and scroll down to read them. Readers can swipe to the next article from anywhere within the article they are currently reading, making navigation within the magazine more intuitive.

Why should you use digital reflow?

Digital reflows allow readers a superior reading experience which is really the first advantage that one should mention. This translates to improved access to your content and more time spent inside your app. Reflows also meet the expectations and demands of the technologically savvy, modern generation who expect to have highly responsive, engaging pages that load quickly and play seamlessly across all of your mobile devices.

Well, there you have it, monetising content made easy. Both digital replica and digital reflow are notoriously user-friendly and will help you create a perfect digital magazine that will increase your earning opportunity. If you are interested, Paperlit can help you! Just send us your PDFs and we will convert them for you.



Marco Atzori

Marco Atzori

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