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Here’s how PaperLit can help you to create a digital magazine

Luca Filigheddu


Paperlit has made it much easier to create your digital magazine from scratch. In fact, it gives you a lot of flexibility on how you want to create and distribute your digital magazine.

To illustrate our point, let’s take a look at the different stages of creating your digital magazine through Paperlit.

Let’s talk about your project: we can help you to create your brand new digital magazine!


Building your magazine

There are three main ways to create your digital magazine with PaperLit: extracting and turning blogs into a digital magazine, replicating and layering your PDF and importing your designs from Adobe DPS or InDesign.


The first and one of the easiest ways is by importing an existing blog. Paperlit has a functionality that allows you to turn your WordPress blogs into articles in your magazine. This is made possible through Paperlit’s WordPress plugin.

Paperlit’s WordPress plugin, which is based on Pressroom, allows you to extract your collection of posts as an HPUB file which can be imported into Paperlit’s platform. This effectively turns your WordPress as your own content management system (CMS). The plugin is free and easy to install. All you have to do is upload the plugin into your WordPress site’s plugin directory, then activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu and finally, set the permalinks. With that, you can repurpose old blogs and content into a digital magazine.

Replicating and building on top of PDFs

The second way is by replicating a digital PDF version of your magazine into a proper interactive digital magazine. However, this won’t just be a flippable or scrollable version of your PDF. Paperlit can give your PDF magazine an upgrade by adding more elements that would make your magazine far more interactive than if it was a simple PDF.

Paperlit has a multimedia editor that you can use to tweak the PDF. First, you upload a PDF into Paperlit, then you layer multimedia files like audio, images and video, web links or HTML5 content. After that, you can set up a table of contents with internal linking to allow for easy navigation and finally, you can enable text search, page bookmarking and social sharing.

Designing reflows

Creating a digital reflow gives your readers the best viewing experience because, from the conceptualizing and designing phase itself, you are already creating something that is meant to be a digital magazine. You will design everything to be displayed optimally as part of a digital magazine that will be viewed on various devices.

Using Adobe DPS, you can already create a reflow and export a .folio file that can be immediately uploaded into Paperlit for distribution. If you use Adobe InDesign on the other hand, you can use the In5 plugin for Paperlit that will allow you to export HPUB files that can also be compatible with Paperlit.

Distributing your digital publication

You have several options for distributing your digital magazine after creating an importing the content. You can run subscription programs or even open your magazine up for public access. The choice is all yours; it’s all up to you.

Through a web reader

With Paperlit, you can have the option of displaying your digital magazine on a web reader that can be accessed by your readers. You can embed this web reader on your website which would be ideal if you want to give public access to your magazine.

Distribute on your own newsstand app

Another option is to have your magazine distributed through a newsstand app, branded and customized as you want. This is ideal especially if you run a paid subscription programme or if you also have several publications that you want to make accessible for your users.


Creating your digital magazine has never been easier with all the tools that allow you to create and distribute your publication. As a digital publishing platform, Paperlit has streamlined the process from creation to publication to distribution of your digital magazine.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. You can discover it for your yourself as Paperlit provides a free trial that can give you the full experience of publishing your digital magazine online. Even the web reader comes free for 12 issues per year. It’s time to put your plan into action!