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Adding image galleries to your digital replica

Team PaperLit


Publishers can distribute and monetize publication with mobile apps, but they can also use this opportunity to bring print content to life. Digital replicas are often thought of as just the digital versions of a printed issues, however publishers can add multimedia elements like video and image galleries, as well as web links and HTML, to enhance the user experience and increase reader engagement.

Creating an interactive digital replica (also referred to as a “Replica Plus”) may require some additional time and planning, but luckily adding image galleries is a simple way publishers can make their digital edition more engaging.

Here a few examples how you can create a more engaging digital experience with image galleries:

Exclusive or behind the scenes photos

Photo galleries give you the chance to share additional or behind the scenes images that weren’t destined for your print version. By giving digital edition readers exclusive access to extra images you’re giving them more reason to read your publication on their mobile device.

photo gallery digital replica

Events & photojournalism

When selecting photos, editors are limited by the number of pages in their print publications. However, in digital those limits no longer exist. Digital publishers can include full galleries of photos from events, giving readers the chance to engage more with articles.

digital publishing event

Product reviews

Niche publications are read by enthusiasts looking for advice on the latest products and services related to their interests and hobbies. Image galleries can be used to engage these readers, increasing the time they spend on each article and improving their digital reading experience.

interactive media niche publications

Curated photo galleries

Don’t have the possibility to create image galleries in your editorial content? Develop a curated strategy to bridge your online and offline worlds. Curating photos from the web is a great way to engage readers on social media channels, getting them to assist you in generating content that you can pull together into galleries.

curated image digital publishing

Promotional or sponsored page

Image galleries aren’t just for your editorial content – you can also offer this interactive feature to your advertisers. Adding an image gallery to promotional or sponsored content can increase time spent on page – a key metric for attracting advertisers, which means more revenues for publishers.

image galleries sponsored content

Ready to add image galleries?

Publishers can easily add image galleries to their digital issues, either by adding text or an icon to a page or overlay to an existing image. If you’re using PaperLit, embedding a gallery is as simple as uploading your files and linking it on the page. Readers simply tap on the element on the page and the image gallery opens!