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From a blog to a digital magazine: PaperLit plugin

Luca Filigheddu


While blogging in itself is already a useful activity whether you’re looking to boost your search ranking or simply to bring more value to your customers or subscribers, did you know that you can increase your blog’s impact even more?

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Content creation can be a tedious task and blogging is certainly not any easier. It takes time to produce a good and effective blog article and so, it’s important for content creators that their content produces the most impact. This is why many content creators have taken the habit of repurposing content.

For those unfamiliar, repurposing content is basically transforming an already published piece of content into another form in order to gain more out of what they have produced before. Let’s say for example that you produced an infographic last year that’s performing pretty well. You can extend its reach even more if you turn that infographic into a 500-word blog. It won’t be that difficult. You already have the outline and all you have to do is explain the points further and maybe find some appropriate photos to go along with the article.

The following year, you can turn that blog into a video so you can capture the Youtube audience. Maybe you can interview the author of the blog or a resource person in your organization. There are lots of ways a certain piece of content can be repurposed.

The Paperlit plugin

One way blog posts can be repurposed is turning your articles from a blog to a digital magazine. While it might seem a lot of work to have to copy the text and images of your blogs and insert it in your digital magazine layout, in fact, there are tools that shorten the time into a couple of minutes.

The Paperlit plugin for WordPress, combined with the Paperlit platform, allows you to extract your WordPress blogs and turn them into digital magazines. Paperlit is a digital publishing software that specializes in this. The plugin for WordPress was created by Paperlit’s developers to help authors repurpose blogs and turn their WordPress into a Content Management System (CMS).

Since digital magazines can be monetized, it is another way for a blog to increase its return on investment without having to deal with complicated and expensive platforms such as Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

The plugin basically extracts blogs and turns them into an HPub file which is the format used by the Paperlit platform. You can think of HPub as a ZIP folder with magazine pages written in a website format. Using Paperlit, blog authors can then distribute their publications as a mobile app and distribute it in the App Store or Google Play, create multiple publications depending on the topic, further monetize content through in-app purchases or ads and more!

Why Digital Magazine?

Digital magazines allow you to present your content in a unique and creative way. Compared to blogs, digital magazines have the advantage of superior design.

The HPub format itself, which is based on HTML5 format used for web development and web apps gives you the opportunity to take advantage of its design versatility. Think about the most beautifully-designed website you’ve ever come across. It could be because of the animations, or the videos or how each section transitions from one to the other. All these can be done in your digital magazine. It’s a more engaging way to interact with your audience.

The Paperlit plugin allows you to choose a cover and a theme so you can customize the design however you want. If you already have an existing magazine, you can choose to use the same themes. This makes the plugin invaluable to digital magazine publishers that also have a blog.

There are also numerous ways to generate new revenue streams through digital magazines. You can run subscription programs, offer up advertising space, use affiliate links and charge premium ad fees for different advertising content types (i.e. videos can be charged with a higher premium than, say, static image ads).


Turning your articles from a blog to a digital magazine is a creative way of repurposing your content and thus deriving more results per time spent on creating the original blog. You’ll have opportunities to further monetize them and present them in a more interactive way.

Repurposing blogs into articles in a digital magazine can be a bit difficult to achieve without the right tools. Think about manually copying and pasting text from your blogging platform to your graphic design software. But using Paperlit and its plugin for WordPress, you can produce digital magazines with ease.