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Earn more with digital magazine advertising

Team PaperLit

Earn_more_with_digital_magazine_advertising.jpgOver the past few years, digital advertising has become rather lucrative, particularly for those in the magazine industry. However, it is a field where there is always room for improvement so let’s take a quick look at how you could earn more with digital magazine advertising.

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Incorporate in-app ads

So, if you have an app as your digital magazine platform, then you may want to introduce some in-app ads to generate a little extra revenue. If advertisers can reach their target audience via your app, they will pay you more to beat out other advertisers – which means more money for you!

This is a strategy that is better suited to those with a well-established app that has a dedicated following and a steady visitor flow, as more visitors equals more chance of a successful advertising campaign.

Make great content

Now it may seem obvious but it has to be said: exceptional content is a must if you want to be successful in the advertising game. Great content will not only encourage advertisers to want to work with you, it will encourage a steady flow of visitors to your magazine, meaning that more people will view the ads and perhaps be tempted to click. So, don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd and really create content that draws readers in!

Spread the word

This step is a very crucial one that is often overlooked. The best way to spread the word about your magazine and content is through push notifications. These are simple and non-intrusive SMS-style messages that pop up on any mobile device linked to your app, acting as a gentle reminder to the subscriber that there is a new article or feature and inviting them to check it out. Perhaps this article or piece of content will contain an ad that interests them, and therefore increase the possibility of them clicking on it. It’s a great way to ensure that your subscribers are engaged and to increase the chances of them visiting your digital magazine.

Co-marketing is key

Now, if you really want to up your digital advertising game then you may want to look into promoting products that are related to your magazine. You can do this through co-marketing or affiliate programs and links.

This type of advertising is known as ‘native’, as the ads used fit together with the content on the platform where it appears. In other words, the ads are pretty non-intrusive and don’t take away from the reader’s overall experience or hinder their engagement with the content. So, let’s talk a little bit about the two methods that you could use to promote products related to your digital magazine:

  • Co-marketing: This is a very interesting strategy that is mutually beneficial for you and whomever you chose to market with. To put it very simply, it is a partnership between two or more companies or businesses where both jointly market each other’s products.
  • Affiliate programs and links: An affiliate program is simply the arrangement in which an online merchant website pays affiliate websites a commission to send them traffic through their affiliate link. An affiliate link is what advertisers use to record the traffic that is sent to their website.

These are two very useful methods to keep in mind if you would like to see a little more profit from your magazine.

Reward ads

One way to earn a little more from your digital magazine advertisements is to reward users for desired behaviour. In other words, the user is offered a reward in exchange for completing an action such as installing an app, completing a review or registering for something.

It offers instant gratification to your readers, which is a huge incentive for them to participate and to engage further with the magazine and its content. Add to this that reward ads operate on an opt-in basis (and are extremely non-intrusive), and you have a winning combination!

Well, there you have it, some tips and tricks to help you earn more with digital magazine advertising! Go and test them out and watch the profits roll in.