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Mobile apps to distribute catalogs

Team PaperLit


Cross-Platform Publishing
Publish an online catalog to the web, or distribute your digital catalogs with a branded mobile app for iOS & Android.

Multimedia Storytelling
Embed video, audio and image galleries into your PDF to tell engaging stories about your products.

Drive sales by including links to your mobile optimized eCommerce site.
No need for complicated integrations.

Reach consumers at home, at work or while they are visiting your store. Your catalog is just a tap away.

Return on Investment
Save money on direct mail. Distribute new catalogs and content to your app immediately, anytime.

App Marketing
Use push notifications to promote new catalogs and track user behavior with analytics.

Interactive Digital Replica
Transform your print catalog. Upload a PDF and add multimedia elements to create a flipbook style catalog.

Responsive Digital Reflow
Using InDesign or DPS? Upload your .folio or HPUB (HTML) files directly into an app template.

Plus: Paperlit Live!
Increase app engagement with a live feed! Share fresh content from your website, blog or RSS.

Client Examples

Product Catalog App