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Is Paperlit a viable alternative to Adobe DPS?

Luca Filigheddu

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Update: 21/09/2017 

Since the day Adobe removed DPS from trade, a lot of publishers have started looking for valid alternatives. One of the major concerns was to have to throw away all the content in .folio format which had been produced till that moment.

Several publishers have found in Paperlit the solution to their problem. Paperlit guarantees the chance to transfer all the .folio files. Publishers have been able to import all the files in their archives, directly in .folio, by exporting them from their InDesign dashboard and uploading them on Paperlit platform using the drag & drop technology.

Many of them have kept creating content in .folio format by using Adobe Classic’s free plugin to create it and Paperlit to publish it. On the other hand, after importing the .folio files archive, some others have produced new content by using the HPUB format, or PDFs enriched with multimedia content created through our tool.



Earlier this week at the World Mobile Congress, Adobe announced some major changes that have left the digital publishing community buzzing. What’s all the noise about?

Adobe unveiled a new product called Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Mobile, which sees their Digital Publishing Solution (Adobe DPS 2015) and Adobe Experience Manager Apps merge together. Consequently, with innovation devoted to the new AEM product, the company has also stated that Adobe DPS Classic will only be updated for bug fixes and new operating systems, leaving many publishers wondering if its time to find an alternative to Adobe digital magazine publishing software.

Let’s take some time to go over what these changes mean and where this leaves publishers:

What this means for DPS customers?

The launch of AEM underlines Adobe’s definitive shift away from focusing solely on publishers who have traditionally used DPS to create digital editions, and more towards enterprises, who require a more elaborate and automated end-to-end solution for creating mobile apps and content. While this is great news for some DPS customers who can benefit from additional services like asset management, content creation, and app extensibility using Cordova plugins, we can only assume the upgrade to AEM will cost more than DPS considering the additional bundled features and enterprise customer target. 

Furthermore, while Adobe has said there is “no near-term plans to end-of-life” the DPS Classic, the fact that they are moving new customers to AEM and requiring DPS 2015 customers who need to renew contracts will renew to AEM sends the message that it will inevitably be phased out.

The takeaway for publishers is that the DPS functionality they have been accustomed to using will be purchased via AEM in the future.

Can I use Paperlit as an alternative to Adobe DPS and AEM?

Yes, with Paperlit you can build the same great mobile apps you’re accustomed to creating – with the magazine newsstand feel – without investing in the same costs and specialized skills that are required for Adobe AEM. With Paperlit, you can convert .folio files into digital reflows and customize a branded storefront app to distribute digital editions on Google Play and the App Store. With Paperlit you can also manage subscriber access, coupon promotion, in-app advertising and push notification campaigns, making it a 360 degree solution focused on meeting the needs of magazine publishers.

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