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3 Tips to Make Money with WordPress

Luca Filigheddu


As we embrace the digital era and its wealth of opportunities, it seems like a suitable time to examine how you could use WordPress to generate income. So, let’s take a look at the top tips to achieve this.


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Embrace Your Inner Advertiser

It may sound a little daunting to take on the role of advertiser, especially if you have little or no experience. However, thanks to WordPress and its multitude of plugins, it is really simple to integrate a whole host of advertising options into your site; suitable for a whole range of experience levels from beginner upwards.

It is easy to get started whether it is with your own advertising or, for the more ambitious, third party advertising. WordPress Ad Widget is an easy-to-use, basic choice while if you want to step your advertising game up a notch, try out AdRotate. This plugin offers a premium option which has a wide variety of features that allow you to control your ad content and track performance. There are many more options out there, any number of which could be perfect for you! But now that we have discussed how to begin advertising via WordPress, it’s time to talk about a couple of tips that will ensure their success:

  • Less is more: Single, well-targeted adverts are known to perform better than having multiple ones placed all over your site.
  • Keep it relevant: Ensuring that you choose advertising that is relevant and targeted towards your chosen audience is key to success.
  • Branch Out: Don’t be scared to try out different aspects of advertising. For example, selling ad space directly. Just test the water and remember that the larger your following, the more chance there is of success!

So, give it a try and find your inner advertiser!

Link. Link. Link.

Affiliate marketing has large earning potential if it is managed efficiently. How does it work?

To put it simply, when you are blogging about your favourite book, your make-up must-haves or your summer essentials and want to let your readers know where they can buy these items, an affiliate link can be used. The link in question is obtained via an affiliate plugin or programme. This provides you with a unique affiliate code that you can use to refer traffic to the product. This pay-per-click model ensures that the referrer receives a commission payment for every click on the link and extra if a purchase is made (beware, this can vary from programme to programme).

This is an opportunity to earn money online with no fees to pay, no storage or shipping to contend with and, best of all, it can all be done from the comfort of your own home. With its simplicity, it is no wonder that affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors in internet marketing techniques.

What’s holding you back? Give it a shot!

Get Sponsored

Sponsored posts are an excellent way to make money using WordPress. It is true that those with well-established, highly-trafficked sites have the best chances of obtaining sponsorship. However, there is nothing to say that it couldn’t happen for a smaller yet interesting, relevant or unique page. If you have a site with a small following, a sponsored post is a great way of gaining publicity for yourself, too.

All that you have to do is take the initiative and, if they haven’t come to you, reach out to them. Get in contact with advertisers who you think may be interested in the theme of your blog or site and therefore, might be interested in sponsoring a post or simply create a page call advertisement and mention that you are accepting sponsored posts. WordPress does not allow sites where the vast majority of content is sponsored, but just one sponsored post could prove to be quite the money-maker.

This may not be for everyone but, no matter what your site, a review of a product here and there is usually welcomed by audiences who value the opinion of someone they trust (even in virtual terms).

Well, there you have it, three tips to make money with WordPress. Now it’s up to you!