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15 great push notification techniques that publishers should try

Enrica Menozzi

15 great push notification techniques that publishers should try

Push notifications are the number one mobile engagement tactic in the arsenal of any app publisher, so there’s no reason why magazine publishers shouldn’t take advantage of this handy functionality.

These types of notifications are pretty versatile so if you’re creative, then there are a lot of ways you can combine push notifications with your overall digital strategy. First of all, you should research a tool that allows you to set up push notification sequences triggered by a specific behaviour on the app. This way, your notifications will be timely and fully automated.

Some applications of push notifications can even help you earn more revenue! Wondering how? Then scroll down for some creative push notification techniques for digital publishers.

1. When new issues come out

Use push notifications to notify subscribers through the app that a new issue is out.

2. When new live content is published or is streaming

Digital magazine apps are starting to have relevant live content in their apps now, basically increasing engagement even between publishing schedules (p.s. if you don’t have this functionality, perhaps you should consider adding it). Once a live content comes on, you should notify subscribers.

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3. Relevant ads

You can push relevant ads that your readers may be interested in using push notifications

4. Event announcements

If a relevant event is being promoted by your publication, or simply if you maintain an event calendar for the benefit of your readers, then putting up event announcements through push notifications could be another way to increase engagement in the app.

5. Announcing popular articles

A week or two after the publication of your current issue, you can notify readers about the most popular articles since the release of the recent issue with a link to read or reread it.

6. Quote of the week

Pull out memorable or insightful quotes from the articles of the latest issue and push them to your subscribers, perhaps with an option to tweet or share them on social media.

7. When articles within their topics of interest are published

Based on behaviour, you can push certain types of articles that are read more by a particular reader.

8. Engagement during idle time

Based on past app or mobile use, you can program the app to send push notifications during the most common times when the app is used. This way, you can send notifications during the most likely times when subscribers are on their break time, on their commute home or free time.

9. Unread articles

Some time before the next issue is published, you should push unread articles to subscribers. Perhaps you can even combine it with the “idle time” strategy from the previous point

10. Place of interest

If you write about articles that are related to certain places (i.e., travel, hospitality, lifestyle publications), you can notify readers when they are close to a recently featured place such as a restaurant, cafe, or a new gym. Perhaps combine this functionality in your offers to advertisers!

11. Subscription renewal

Notify readers in advance if their subscriptions are due to expire with the intent of reminding them to renew their subscriptions.

12. Special offers

Work out exclusive deals for your readers on products and services that may be of interest to them and publish push notifications about them.

13. Time-bound exclusive deals

Surprise and engage your readers with exclusive deals and promotions from your advertisers with a notification and time-limit before the offer expires. For example, if you are a local lifestyle and events magazine, you can notify subscribers within the city of a first come, first serve promotion where the first three reservations for a restaurant made through your special link will receive a $25 credit with the rest getting a $10 credit on their final bill.

14. Hot discussions

There are two kinds of people, keyboard warriors that like to debate with others online, and those that read what others have to say. If you’ve incorporated a comments system in your digital magazine, then it could be very useful to invite your readers to contribute to the discussion or at least inform them there’s a particular hot topic brewing under one of your articles.

15. Recommended reading

If you know a reader has read a particular article, perhaps later you can offer other articles written by other publications that help explore the topic further.