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Boost to growth

Luca Filigheddu

PaperLit is a tech company dedicated to the development of software products, based on Artificial Intelligence, for content distribution and monetization.

In August 2019 we deliberately chose to become part of the Datrix | AI applications group for its approach which respects and leverages differences in order to expand opportunities.

Here below the extraordinary results achieved in 2019 by MobiLit, our software solution to create and distribute interactive content such as magazines and newspaper with branded mobile apps (∆ % vs 2018).

In 2019 new products have been added to PaperLit’s offering:

VoiceLit for the distribution of content through Amazon and Google smart speakers. Dedicated to publishers and brands.
By 2020 50% of online search will be vocal and smart speakers will be more than tablets. Read more…

Magpedia to monetize the publisher’s archive, including text extraction, automatic SEO analysis and content optimization.
With MagPedia you don’t have extra effort, you add value and you generate a new revenue stream. Read more…

PaperLit offers software solutions for content digital transformation and monetization.
Furthermore, it helps companies to reach and know their customers and users, by taking effective decisions based on data thanks to the cooperation with the other tech companies of the Datrix group.

We are strongly resolute in improving our results in 2020, supporting companies growth in content distribution and monetization activities.