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15 well-known brands that use voice apps brilliantly

Enrica Menozzi
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When a new technology trend comes around, a good sign that will tell you if the trend will continue is whether big, well-known brands have started to adopt the new technology.

Voice apps are still very new. However, the growth in sales of smart speakers as well as the increase in use of voice searches tells us that voice apps will only get more popular from here. So how’s the uptake of voice apps among well-known brands?

The latest trend for brands and magazines? Voice search and voice apps.

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Well, although not all big brands have a voice app like they do have a website or a social media page, a considerable number have already launched a voice app. Take a look at these 15 brands that use voice apps brilliantly.

Food and Shopping


The global clothing and interior design brand released H&M HOME Gift Guide which allows you to get suggestions for gifts. You can even mention a budget to make your search easier!


Fast food chain Domino’s allows customers to make orders via their voice app. The app also allows customers to ask about the status of their order every step of the way. Real-time updates can also be requested to be sent to your mobile phone.


Through their Starbucks Reorder voice app, customers can reorder their “usual” from one of the last ten stores they ordered from. They can also check their loyalty card balance as well as switch between their last previous orders.

Publications and Entertainment

Harvard Business Review

Searching for a new way to deliver their email newsletter that provides practical management and workplace advice, they decided to provide an audio version of their newsletter through a voice app.

The Economist

Through its Economist Espresso daily edition, they provide a quick regular roundup of international business, finance, and political news through a morning briefing activated by voice.

BBC Radio

Through specially designed voice interactions, BBC Radio was able to develop an interactive radio play where the story involves voice responses from its audience, thereby incorporating them into the plays.

Banking and Finance

Banca Sella

This Italian bank allows owners of a Google Home device to get information on their account balance, account movements as well as information on latest payments – all through voice commands. Soon they will also allow payments via Google Home commands.

American Express

Global consumer credit card company American Express has a voice app that will allow its customers to check their account balance, make payments, get updated on the latest Amex Offers, review recent charges, hear payment due dates, check available credit, and more.


After setting your contacts on their website, you can send or request payments to your contacts using only voice commands. Aside from this, you can also view your current balance.



Although more commonly known for its banking services, Citi decided to develop a voice app that helps its clients spend smarter on food. The app provides shopping strategies that help cut down food waste while also reducing grocery expenses.


The popular toothpaste brand, as part of its corporate social responsibility campaign, has developed a voice app that provides interactive facts and tips to help save water and stop waste.

Women’s Health

Tapping into a well-known hobby of their readership, Women’s Health magazine released a voice app that guides their readers on a home-based yoga session delivered by a certified yoga instructor.

Smart Living


Using the voice app developed by the global appliances company, Whirlpool washing machines, microwaves, cooking ranges, and dishwashers can be controlled remotely through Google Assistant using only voice commands.

Mercedes Benz

Through its Mercedes me connect voice app, you can use Alexa to remotely lock doors, start the engine, control pre-conditioning, send a point of interest to your in-vehicle navigationfind the car location, send an address, or access car status such as fuel levels or maintenance schedules.


Aside from being able to send commands to your Hoover appliance though voice, the Hoover Wizard app includes troubleshooting as well as tips. You can ask questions on why their product is not working a certain way or advice on how to maintain their appliances.

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