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PaperLit digitalises Italian magazine powerhouse

Mondadori Group, Italy’s first magazine publisher, has chosen PaperLit as its digital publishing solution, successfully launching 17 new magazine apps.


Having held a prominent position in the market since its inception, Mondadori has always sought to adapt to the changes in the market. Recently, they wanted to adapt to the changing content consumption habits in Italy. Mondadori also wanted to elevate their offering to provide a multimedia experience and put the choice on how to consume their content at the hands of their customers. Aside from this, Mondadori also wanted to better understand how their readers are interacting with their content – something which was difficult to track in print-based media. Another challenge was to provide more options for subscription packages.


The client
Italian publishing house
The solution
Native app
The result
More interactive content, better user experience, and more monetisation opportunities

Through PaperLit, Mondadori’s titles can now publish multimedia such as image galleries, videos, and HTML pages to better engage their customers with highly-interactive content. Advanced functionalities in the apps for users also allow searching, bookmarking, sharing, switching between text only or multimedia reading modes, and more. For the publisher, the adoption of PaperLit allowed the tracking of analytics on each piece of content, increased opportunities to monetise their apps, and the opening up of a new distribution channel through integration with the subscription management solution,


Creating their own proprietary solution would have incurred a large investment. As PaperLit already has a track record of digitalising the offering of publishers, both big and small, Mondadori was able to leverage PaperLit’s expertise without having to bother creating an app development team. The new functionalities now provide readers of their magazines such as FocusGrazia, and Chi with more interactive content and overall better user experience. At the same time, Mondadori’s writers and editors are now brought closer to their readers as they better understand the tastes of their audience. New technical capabilities also allow Mondadori to capitalise on new app and content monetisation opportunities and subscription schemes.

More monetisation opportunities

From in-app purchases to increased options for ad revenue, Mondadori can now experiment with different ways to increase their digital magazine revenues.

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Digital transformation

Mondadori has completely embraced digital transformation, taking full advantage of a new data-driven strategy, an increased distribution network, and the enrichment of its products.


Cosa è Stato Richiesto

The client
Italian publishing house

Cosa è Stato Fatto

Native App


More interactive content, better user experience, and more monetisation opportunities

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