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The Taunton Press group, with its 5 vertical magazines, inspires and informs over 14 million passionate makers across the US and worldwide



In the world of magazine publishing, there are challenges at every turn, and for the creators at the Taunton Press group, that is no different. They have continually inspired and informed enthusiasts with special interests from around the world but they have encountered one significant challenge: finding the right format for their magazine. For the Taunton Press group, it’s vitally important that readers, both old and new, have the best experience possible and keep coming back to these online magazines for more. So, how can these publishers make their magazines more interactive and more attractive for their readers?


The client:
American media company
The solution:
Enhanced digital replica
The result:
Interactivity and integration with existing database

That is where enhanced digital replica comes in and saves the day. Simply put, digital replica is an exact copy of the print magazine or PDFs without any added features. With this method, everything, from the layout to the advertising to the content itself, takes the same form of the print edition. By uploading the PDFs, the magazine is digitised and ready to attract the online masses. It couldn’t be simpler which makes it perfect for those wanting to keep the character of their print magazine alive.


So, once the Taunton Press group accepted that they had a problem and began searching for a solution, the result was rather interesting. They decided to create five apps that followed a similar format and structure. Each app is based on a different topic, and they have worked to cover each in an interactive and attractive way. Now, each issue may have the digital replica format, but there is a difference. It is advanced and enhanced with the help of lots of multimedia content. This content attracts readers to the magazine as it offers something unique.


Add Multimedia Content

Thanks to PaperLit’s advanced multimedia editor, interactivity is no longer an issue. It has never been simpler to add multimedia content which enriches the print content and adds something special. This will keep readers coming back.


Integration is key

Offering this digital experience to everyone is, of course, a priority but it isn’t as easy as it seems. However, integrating their databases of existing subscribers, member and print subscribers is an easy way to ensure it’s available to everyone.


Cosa è Stato Richiesto

The client:
American media company

Cosa è Stato Fatto

Enhanced digital replica


Interactivity and integration with existing database

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