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Distribute corporate communications
materials with a mobile app

Deliver interactive presentations to employees, investors and partners

Cross-Platform Publishing
Publish communication materials once to deploy to the web and branded native iOS & Android apps.
Multimedia Storytelling
Embed video, audio, images and links into sales collateral, newsletters, annual reports and training materials.
Empower Teams
Arm employees, investors and partners with informative, up-to-date information straight to their mobile device.
Manage App Access
Require a login to access confidential materials or use Apple’s Enterprise license to keep your app private.
Reduce Printing Costs
Accelerate delivery and save money on printing. Distribute new content to your app immediately, anytime.
App Marketing
Use push notifications to alert your audience to new content and track user behavior with analytics.


Interactive Digital Replica
Transform your print collateral. Upload a PDF and add multimedia elements to create interactive digital documents.
Responsive Digital Reflow
Using Adobe InDesign or DPS? Upload your .folio or HPUB (HTML) files  directly into an app template.
Plus: PaperLit Live!
Increase app engagement with a live feed! Share fresh content from your website, blog or RSS.

Client Examples

Hyundai Motor Brasil 
Digital Newsletter App

Cosa è Stato Richiesto


Cosa è Stato Fatto




Create some amazing digital magazines and monetize your content!

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Tech company which collects, analyzes and translates client/user data into insights, identifies anomalies, predictions and business opportunities which help to improve decision making, actions and operating results.

Fintech company which collects, interprets and weighs Alternative Data for monitoring, combining it with traditional data for investment purposes.

Martech company which develops search marketing, digital advertising & lead generation platforms. They also specialize in data-driven content marketing.