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DataLit.AI is the Ad Network created by PaperLit in collaboration with 3rdPlace, the tech company founded by former Google senior executives and focused on data governance, data modeling and customer data platforms based on AI (intended as Augmented and Actionable Intelligence). PaperLit, founded in 2009 in Menlo Park, California, has revolutionized the way publishers around the world create and distribute content via mobile apps and smart speakers. Both companies are part of the Datrix group.

In a scenario where for the first time online advertising will account for more than 50% of adv budgets in 2020 (source: Warc Data, State of the industry: 2020), the data monetization ecosystem of DataLit.AI, in addition to Publishers and Advertisers, is open – for the first time – also to online Retailers interested in monetizing the precious data of their large, qualified and segmented user base through advertising on their digital properties.

All three actors share a common goal made explicit by the slogan “Intelligence drives revenue“: to generate additional revenue, sell /reach non-standard, super-profiled audiences and with a greater propensity to buy.

The uniqueness of DataLit.AI is certainly the predictive hyper-profiling of users in favor of hyper-targeting of Advertisers. Through the use of a tracking pixel in the digital properties or by leveraging existing advanced analytics systems (Google Analytics 360 and Adobe Analytics), the AI technology underlying DataLIt.AI is able to identify the granular interests of users who browse the website or mobile app, automatically segment them into clusters with similar characteristics, and predict the propensity to buy.

The pillars of DataLit.Ai are performance, innovation, constant monitoring, transparency, strict compliance with the GDPR and brand safety.

Publishers and Bloggers monetize more the advertising sold in programmatic (open market, private deal and PMP) and reduce the unsold thanks to:

  • granular profiling of the inventory that increases the yield from  advertising spaces (RPM),
  • cutting-edge header bidding which offers the first call simultaneously to multiple demand partners (instead of the traditional waterfall method),
  • a CPM payment system with real time optimization,
  • SEO support to increase organic traffic to websites and apps.

DataLit.AI can also manage the traffic of advertising campaigns sold directly. Publishers keep 100% of the revenue from AdSense, if it is already in use.

The deeper knowledge of the audience allows Publishers themselves to carry out personalized marketing activities, also thanks to the push and email notification tools made available.

It is also possible to monetize archives still in paper or in .pdf format thanks to the MagPedia solution.

Online Retailers get a new revenue stream. Only 1.7% of the traffic on retail digital channels ends in a purchase (source: E-commerce KPI benchmarks 2019 – Wolfang Digital). Thanks to AI DataLit.AI turns the remaining 98.3% of the traffic from non-buyers into revenue with:

  • advertising sold in Private Deal in order to prevent competitors or unethical companies from displaying advertising on the Retailers website,
  • advertising sold to commercial Partners, in order to offer them a higher ROI,
  • Self Promotion Ads to create better experiences for e-commerce customers.

Advertising does not cannibalize the core activity of e-commerce and doesn’t compromise the user experience of customers. Indeed it is not shown on the home page and on the cart pages, but only in certain sections of the website (product category pages, marketplace, product under the description, search results) and in specific locations.

Advertisers increase the conversion rate thanks to:

  • hyper-targeting based on granular interests (for example vintage car lovers, non-generic car lovers), spending power, willingness to buy and geo-local criteria (for example users who insist on areas with their stronger commercial presence),
  • non-standard audiences, in particular those of the Retailers that were previously unreachable.

Moreover, the Ad Network DataLit.AI is in line with their repeatedly claimed needs for greater transparency and brand safety. 

“DataLit.AI is the new concrete demonstration that the Datrix group is not the mere sum of the subsidiaries” – said Fabrizio Milano d’Aragona, CEO of Datrix – “It is the best way to provide companies with solutions in an integrated way, the services and specialist skills of each. We believe that the governance and the intelligent use of data is and should increasingly be an anti-fragility factor for companies, even in periods such as those that we are unfortunately experiencing these days”.

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Marco Belmondo

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