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Voice Apps for brands and magazine publishers


Engage your audience and increase revenues by offering your users the content and information they really want, the way they want.


Smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo are going mainstream. Usage of voice assistants is growing year after year, changing the way users look for news and information.

Voice apps for publishers and brands allow your audience to interact with your publications, website and marketing material easily, through voice.




It is vital to take advantage of this opportunity immediately

Benefits for publishers and brands

    • Your brand will be available to millions of users

 Easily reach new audiences with a powerful way to interact with them

    • Go beyond traditional distribution channels

 Start now: the sooner your app gets indexed, the better

    • Get to know your audience better

 Collect data and use it to improve the overall user experience as well as your content

  • New monetization and advertising opportunities

 Sell subscriptions, articles or products straight from the voice app

How does it work?

  • Users find your app through explicit invocations: “Hey Google, ask BRANDAPP for the latest news”
     “Good morning, here are the latest news
    from BRAND: … – What news are you
    interested in?”
  • Users can also discover your app after implicit invocations:→ “Hey Google, I would like the latest news in international politics”
     “Sure. For that, you might like BRANDAPP. Wanna give it a try?”

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