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Create & distribute interactive digital replicas with a branded mobile app


Create interactive replicas using our Multimedia Editor

  • Upload a PDF into MobiLit
  • Layer multimedia files like audio, images and video, web links or HTML5 conte
  • Set up a table of contents & internal linking for easy navigation
  • Enable text search, page bookmarking and social sharing

MobiLit Live! Add exclusive content to your newsstand app

Deliver exclusive content with live feeds

Give people a reason to visit your app every day! Share fresh content from your website, blog or exclusive RSS and increase app engagement. Create a single app experience for news & digital edition sales.


Distribute your publication on the app stores

 Reach your readers with a branded newsstand app

MobiLit will customize your single or multi-publication newsstand app to reflect your brand and it will be published on the web, the App Store and/or Google Play.

You focus on the content, we focus on the technology.

MobiLit features list

  • State-of-the-art reader
  • Issue-level text-based search
  • Page bookmarking & social sharing
  • Text extraction & text highlighting
  • PDF, .folio, HPub (HTML5), RSS
  • In-app Purchases
  • Single or Multi-publication App
  • Library Archiving
  • Accredited Login for Subscribers
  • Native Subscription Management tool
  • Subscription Management Integration (Dovetail, CDS, Cambey & West, Shopify)
  • Promotional Coupons (Sampling)
  • Analytics (Google Analytics & Flurry)
  • Push Notifications & In-app Advertising

Our Solutions MobiLit

Create some amazing digital magazines and help your customers to monetize their content!