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Voice publishing made easy and affordable.

Distribute your content to millions of users of Google Home and Amazon Echo (Alexa) using VoiceLit platform customized to meet your company's needs.

PaperLit will propose two or three templates that will be further adapted to provide a customised voice app experience.

Sources of content, such as existing blog feeds and news pages, will be decided with the client. Digital publishers that also have their digital magazine or publication app through PaperLit can also benefit from the easy conversion to voice app.

You can also choose to have freely accessible and premium content. Similar to a free section in your website or digital magazine app, you can use freely accessible content to “entice” potential subscribers.

With a starting point, planning becomes easier. This will contribute greatly to eventually defining the final project with the client where PaperLit will customise the initial template as agreed. Finally, the voice app will be developed and will be published either in Google Assistant Actions or Amazon Skills or wherever the customer wants.

But what about costs? Paperit simplifies the payment structure through an initial setup cost followed by a successive annual maintenance fee.


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Create some amazing digital magazines and monetize your content!

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