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Get ready for summer with Novella’s VIP stories, gossip, indiscretions and exclusive photos.
Soon on iPad with the PaperLit platform.

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Marco Atzori

Marco Atzori

Head of Sales at PaperLit, part of Datrix | AI applications, a tech company specialized in the digital transformation, distribution and monetization of content via mobile and smart speakers, for publishers and brands, with hundreds of customers worldwide.

Create some amazing digital magazines and monetize your content!

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Tech company which collects, analyzes and translates client/user data into insights, identifies anomalies, predictions and business opportunities which help to improve decision making, actions and operating results.


Fintech company which collects, interprets and weighs Alternative Data for monitoring, combining it with traditional data for investment purposes.


Martech company which develops search marketing, digital advertising & lead generation platforms. They also specialize in data-driven content marketing.