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PaperLit will be an important feature of the European launch of iPad with a new dedicated release. Just a few months from its launch, the PaperLit version for iPhone was the choice of key editorial group such as Condé Naste Italy, Edizioni Master, E-Polis, Il Foglio, Gruppo Espresso-Repubblica, Internazionale, RCS Periodici, Sprea Editori, Il Tempo, L’Unione Sarda.  An amazing result which can definitely improve in June with the European launch of iPad.

PaperLit is the smart digital publishing and mobile monetization solution for newspapers, magazines, catalogues, newsletters. PaperLit can help editorial groups to switch to digital as well as  satisfy reader’s need to access their most loved magazines in a new and enriched way: extra multimedia contents, photo-galleries, videos, texts extractions, social media linnks. PaperLit, with its “page flipper”, combines the strength of printed publications, whose original layout is maintained, with a mobile dimension revised for digital media.

With PaperLit any editorial content such as magazines, catalogues, etc, can easily and effectively migrate to an iPad. PaperLit is an innovative service that can change the way consumers interact with editorial digital products. In just a few months, and only in Italy, 150.000 e-readers have already been installed on iPhone with a daily average usage of 12 minutes.

PaperLit offers editorial groups direct access to 30 markets all over the world and to over 90 million iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad. Editorial contents can be monetized choosing the most effective commercial model, from adv to subscription or to pay per view. To readers PaperLit guarantees easy access to magazines and newspapers with the same layout and graphic features they are used to experience on print while adding a digital experience.

“iPad is for us the best way editorial groups can express their full potential. Contents here become pure emotion involving readers in a brand new way”, says Gionata Mettifogo, founder of PaperLit, “iPad is the latest technology frontier. PaperLit links iPad’s innovative world to  print media which still is a strong point of reference  for readers”.

Marco Atzori

Marco Atzori

Head of Sales at PaperLit, part of Datrix | AI applications, a tech company specialized in the digital transformation, distribution and monetization of content via mobile and smart speakers, for publishers and brands, with hundreds of customers worldwide.

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