Distribute your digital magazine with a branded newsstand app


Import your digital magazine from Adobe DPS or easily export from inDesign using Paperlit supported plugins


Adobe DPS
Create your reflow and export your .folio to upload directly to Paperlit


InDesign + In5
Export your reflow from InDesign as an HPUB (HTML5) file & import to Paperlit

... more plugins coming soon!

NewPaperlit Live! Add exclusive content to your newsstand app


Deliver exclusive content with live feeds

Give people a reason to visit your app every day! Share fresh content from your website, blog or exclusive RSS and increase app engagement. Create a single app experience for news & digital edition sales.

Distribute your publication on the app stores


Create your own branded newsstand app

Customize a single or multi-publication newsstand app to reflect your brand and publish it on the web, the Apps Store and/or Google Play. With Paperlit, you can preview your app on your mobile device before publishing with the Paperlit Previewer App.

Paperlit features list

  • State-of-the-art reader
  • Issue-level text-based search
  • Page bookmarking & social sharing
  • Text extraction & text highlighting
  • PDF, .folio, HPub (HTML5), RSS
  • In-app Purchases
  • Single or Multi-publication App
  • Library Archiving
  • Accredited Login for Subscribers
  • Native Subscription Management tool
  • Subscription Management Integration (Dovetail, CDS, Cambey & West, Shopify)
  • Promotional Coupons (Sampling)
  • Analytics (Google Analytics & Flurry)
  • Push Notifications & In-app Advertising
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