Publishing CMS


Paperlit Publishing CMS


Paperlit Publishing CMS aims to optimize the publishing and content distribution workflow of any media organization

Integrated platform for all newsroom functions

A centralised environment to manage and store all multimedia assets

End-to-end creation and distribution system

Paperlit Publishing CMS: Main strengths

  • Modular, configurable, easily personalized
  • Easily adapted to customer environment and philosophy
  • Cover all aspects of activity in a media organisation
  • Built around powerful news content management tools, independent of publishing channels
  • Journalistic approach to editorial system environment
  • Seamless integration with existing third party systems
  • Significant cost reduction & enhanced production quality

Paperlit Publishing CMS: Product suite


An innovative cross-media CMS suite covering:

  • The overall planning, multimedia production & workflow
  • Content management & archiving process
  • Cross channel publishing and distribution needs
  • Covers print, web and all mobile technologies
  • Fully integrated and in sync with Adobe InDesign
  • Streamlines operations and helps reduce production times and costs
  • Allows users to deploy innovative new business models and strategies
  • Delivers a significant competitive advantage

Paperlit features list

  • State-of-the-art reader
  • Issue-level text-based search
  • Page bookmarking & social sharing
  • Text extraction & text highlighting
  • PDF, .folio, HPub (HTML5), RSS
  • In-app Purchases
  • Single or Multi-publication App
  • Library Archiving
  • Accredited Login for Subscribers
  • Native Subscription Management tool
  • Full Publishing CMS
  • Subscription Management Integration (Dovetail, CDS, Cambey & West, Shopify)
  • Promotional Coupons (Sampling)
  • Analytics (Google Analytics & Flurry)
  • Push Notifications & In-app Advertising
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