grown up with your data


The data-driven network to improve your profits boosting your advertising performance

Boost advertising performance and monetize with our data-driven network


Publishers and Retailers

  • Achieve efficient advertising revenue and transforms your channel traffic into economic value


  • Reach qualified audience maximizationing your ROI

How Magpedia helps Publishers and Retailers


  • Aggregate inventory qualified by cross-industry property in network logic

  • Segment users based on interests, browsing behavior, geo-local profiling and purchasing intent

  • Activate targeted advertising on your segments consistent with your profile.

  • Retailers: monetize users who are not purchasing on your store

A data-driven network to reach the right audiences


  • Reach a more qualified and relevant audience for corporate business objectives, encouraging the maximization of ROI

  • Possibility of planning on properties that qualify the users from a geo-local point of view and that insist on areas with greater commercial presence

  • Protection of exclusive spaces that no one else manages on the market today

Reader behaviour is changing. Be where they are - online!


Convert your content from print to digital and publish it to a new web property

    • Generate revenue

 Print content generates an additional monthly revenue

    • Add value

 Start earning immediately, offering your readers new content that they really want

    • Hassle-free

 Monetization is automated: no additional action is required to the publisher