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Paperlit Certified Guru Program
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Paperlit Certified Guru Program (PCGP)

Join a network of digital publishing professionals

The PCGP brings together a wide range of consultants with diverse skills, expertise and talents, who share a common passion for the Paperlit digital publishing platform.

Gurus engage, empower and support the digital publishing community, especially where content-based app are the focus, through evangelism and providing training to creative agencies worldwide.

Qualify Your Expertise

Join a select group of digital publishing professionals who get paid to train and certify agencies to use Paperlit.

Full Platform Access

Benefit from a full product license to produce made-to-measure, cross-platform content apps for every budget.

Expand Your Network

Gurus benefit from exclusive access to Paperlit clients to share their expertise and grow their business

Get Started Immediately

Know Adobe InDesign?
Then you can start creating engaging apps yesterday thanks to full compatibility with industry-standard formats.

New Revenue Stream

Earn commissions by promoting Paperlit and drive larger profits by adding content-based app production capabilities to your consultancy services

A Commited Partner

From workshops to co-marketing support, partnering with Paperlit will help you create added-value for our mutual clients.

Flexible yet powerful

Publish simple or enriched PDF replicas with an easy to use multimedia editor or create immersive digital reflows thanks to full Adobe InDesign and HTML compatibility.

Plus, with the exclusive “Paperlit Live” feature, keep readers engaged with news and updates from exclusive RSS feeds.


Paperlit Certified Gurus


Michela is a Digital Trainer, consultant and lecturer at the Santa Giulia Academy in Brescia, Italy. She is the founder of Studio 361°, a network of highly skilled professionals who collaborate and provide their expertise in the field of business communication and creativity. Michela is continually researching, experimenting, and teaching new work tools to agencies, print shops and companies in the areas of communication, creativity, traditional and digital publishing.


With a degree in computer science, Esther has worked for years in the field of graphic design and communication as both a trainer and consultant on prepress industry technologies and multi-channel publishing. As the Technical Director of Italia Grafica, Esther teaches in some of the best graphic design institutes in Northern Italy. As a point of reference for PDF formatting, in all its forms, Esther also provides consulting services to eBook and content-based App publishers.


His graphic design career has gone hand in hand with the industry's own transformation, evolving in the late 90's and early 2000 from purely analog to one that is almost exclusively digital. A consultant, lecturer and journalist, Matteo has been collaborating with leading brands well before they are in the public domain, allowing him to experiment with cutting-edge technologies. Under the 1802 label, he has also created successful products such as Dieci Piccoli Indiani and Storie.


An independent consultant and software trainer since 2000, Claudio is best defined as an instructor and consultant for traditional and digital publishers. Claudio is keen to experiment and often finds himself learning more than he teaches when he confronts people who have followed a different path than his own - even if that person is a student. In recent years, Claudio has been dedicated to promoting the spread of authoring and publishing systems for digital content through next-generation devices.


Cinzia began her professional career in journalism in the late '80s working for various Italian newspapers on a wide range of editorial projects. In 2000, she completed her graphic arts and communication training. Since then, she has worked on numerous design and editorial projects for magazines, from realization until publication. Cinzia now provides print and digital publishing consulting and training activities for agencies and publishing houses.


10+ years experience in training and consulting services, Lorenzo helps companies, creative agencies and professionals enhance their design and digital photography skills, overviewing and optimizing the whole publishing workflow. Adobe Certified Instructor for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat and DPS. He has been Professor of Digital Photography at the University of Florence and currently a lecturer in schools and art academies across Italy.

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